Gorna Krušica 1

22 (a) i takà vrɤtìme vrɤtìme i somelème pšenìcata bulgùro namèsto s
We turn and turn [it], and grind up the wheat [to get] bulghur, in place of –

23 (a) namèsto orìs če sà slàgame orìs a togàva nèmaše orìs
in place of rice. Now we put in rice, but back then there wasn’t rice,

24 (a) nèmaše fidè ta ot pšenìcata bulgùr što smè proizvèli
there weren’t noodles. Just bulghur that we produced [ourselves] from wheat.

25 (a) a issùšime svàrime ja issùšimè ja kato ja isùšime hùbavo
We dry it – we boil it, then dry it, and when it’s nicely dried

28 (a) ama vrɤtìme vrɤtìme somèleme i svàrime bulgùr
So we turn, turn, and grind [it], and [then] cook up bulghur.

29 (a) namèsto sùpa nìe go pràeme togàva bulgùr go kàzva:me
Back then we made it in place of soup. Bulghur [is what] we called it.

31 (a) i vìkame àjde č’e adèm prɤ̀vo bulgùr i pòsle k’e jadème fasùl
And we’d say, “O.K., first let’s eat bulghur, and then we’ll eat the beans.”

Oborište 2

52 (a) ìdat u kumàta u tèjnia dvòr tìa sčukàle bulgùr
They go to yard of the “godmother’s” house; they’ve already processed the bulgur

53 (d) bulgùr čenìca
Bulgur [and] wheat.

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