... presents 204 audio selections from field work in 78 different Bulgarian villages, identified on the map below.

Each selection is transcribed in both Latin and Cyrillic, and is translated into English; five data searches are possible.

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                       --- Access to transcribed texts: three choices ---

• Click on a tab on the map, choose a selection from that village

• Click on a village name in the alphabetized list, choose a selection from that village

• Go to Contents , select the desired text from the full listing                                ---> Take a tour of text display features

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WORDFORM SEARCH: Choose grammatical or pragmatic tags to see words that display these characteristics, plotted on a map.                                                                                           ---> Take a tour of Wordform search

 LEXEME SEARCH: Choose any Bulgarian lexical item to see all the phonetic renderings of it, or items that display certain lexical traits..                                                                           ---> Take a tour of Lexeme search

LINGUISTIC TRAIT SEARCH: Choose from a detailed list of linguistic traits to see the words that display those traits, plotted on a map.                                                                              ---> Take a tour of Linguistic Тrait search

THEMATIC CONTENT SEARCH: Choose a specific topic to view all segments of recorded conversations pertaining to that topic.                                                                                          ---> Take a tour of Thematic content search

PHRASE SEARCH: Choose any combination of phrase markers to see all such phrases occuring in the texts, plotted on a map.                                                                                         ---> Take a tour of Phrase search

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