Once all data are entered, the site will be expanded to include

(1) Prose descriptions of dialect groups to which each of the village dialects represented on the site belongs
..... [these are nearly ready and will be posted soon]

(2) Prose commentaries to highlight specific features in certain individual texts
..... [these will be posted only for certain texts, with no specific schedule]

(3) Sort capacity for lexical variation according to certain semantic word groupings
..... [this option should be available relatively soon]

(4) Sort capacity for phrases of various types
.... [this is under construction; updates will be posted]

(5) inclusion of Bulgarian language option for the entire site
----- [progress on this option has been delayed, but it is still a goal]

NOTE: The "Thematic content" search, earlier listed as part of Future Plans, is now available, though data entry is still ongoing.

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Recommended Model for Citations

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Babjak 1: 13-15. In: Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition [2016] (http://www.bulgariandialectology.org, visited on 1 March 2016)

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