• The site now includes prose descriptions of dialect groups to which each of the village dialects represented on the site belongs. These can be found on the Location page, accessible by clicking on each village’s name (or tab on the map) on the Home page. 

• These prose descriptions of dialect groups are also available in Bulgarian, by clicking on the link following the phrase
--> За oписанието на диалекната група на български, натиснете ТУК   

• Data entry for both the Thematic Content and Phrase searches has been completed. 

• Maps now accompany the search results on three of the five search pages: Linguistic Traits, Wordform, and Phrases. 




• Cataloguing of "lexical variation", or the presence of heteronyms in well-defined dialect groups on the site, has been completed, and this search capacity will soon be available.



• Prose commentaries highlighting specific features in individual texts will be posted as time allows.

• Accessibility for Bulgarian-language users will be increased. At present one can now access the Bulgarian version of prose descriptions of each village’s dialect (by clicking on the link within the relevant description on the Location page), and the Bulgarian Cyrillic transcription of each text (by clicking on the Cyrillic Line View tab on the Text page). It is planned to post Bulgarian versions of all prose material under the Site Information tab. Although results of data searches will continue to appear in transliteration, the instructions for conducting these searches will be available in Bulgarian. 


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