Arčar 2

4 (d) nìe sme učìli učìli sme evròpa na gradinàrstvo
We taught Europe – we taught them how to run vegetable gardens …

5 (KM) e ami učìli sme ama
Well, we taught them, but –

6 (a) a sɤ̀ga ot tàm vnàsame̥
And now we import from there.

8 (d) u itàlija
[It was] to Italy …

10 (d) obàče sa utišlà nàšte pɤ̀rvite gradinàri sme gi učìle
… that our first vegetable gardeners went in order to instruct them

11 (d) e tàm da pruizvèždat
how to produce [vegetables] there

12 (a) i znàeš li kvò ot tàm sa donèle bòlestite pṛ̀vo francùzite
And you know what? That’s where the first infestations came from! The French!

16 (a) sa zavidèli i sa donesèle donèsle bòles francùzite̥
They were jealous [of us] and brought – brought infestations. The French.

21 (a) tùka e bilò čìsto be čovèk
It was all clean here, my man,

23 (a) i sa zavidèle
and they envied [us that].

25 (a) àjde vi donesème bòles è sɤgɤ̀ kupùvaj od n’ì
[saying] “Let’s us give you an infestation!” And now go buy from them?!

26 (a) pri gòšo ìmaše afstrìjski kṛtòfi da si èbe màmata
Gosho had these fantastic Austrian potatoes

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