Nasalevci 1

268 (GK) nè da takòva če ne čùvam kakvò govòriš
No, it’s just that – I can’t hear what you are saying.

269 (a) [laughter] trèbe si tùriš slušàl’k’i i jà ne čùjem
[laughter] You should put on headphones! I don’t hear [well] either.

270 (a) jà s tovà uò ne čùjem po nìkɤv nàčin
In this ear I don’t hear anything at all,

271 (a) a vìš s tovà čùjem ama
with this [other one] I do hear, but –

272 (GK) da si slòžim zatiskòl’ s’àkaš ìmam
Let’s put – I feel as if I had earplugs in

273 (a) à

274 (GK) s’àkaš ìma zatiskòli u ušìte
I feel as if there were earplugs in my ears.

275 (a) e ìma ìma zatiskòl’ i jà ìmam tùka
Ah but there are! There are! I have one right here

276 (a) na dèsnoto zatiskòl’ i mi [laughter]
in my right ear [laughter]

277 (GK) [laughter] e ut kakvò takà ti stàna
[laughter] What happened? How did you get like that?

278 (a) ne znàm be nèšto me zabolè i mi òp
I don’t know! I got this sort of pain and there it was!

279 (a) i segà me bolì mi stàde takà tersenè i ne čùjem segà
and it still hurts even now. It got to be completely off, and now I can’t hear.

281 (a) a z de a s lèvoto čùjem po màlko
with the ri– I hear a little with the left ear.

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