Repljana 2

70 (a) nò mì kvò smo praìli no imà stàčka golemà za zbòrɤt
And [you should hear] we did: there was a big protest about the celebration.

88 (a) onì dojdòše tùj gòre mì po n'ì po n'ì òrl'ak
So these people came up there, and we went up after them, a [whole] flock [of us] –

89 (a) nò decà nò stàri nò mlàdi svìmo se pa pri n'ì
children, old people, young people, we swarmed up there around them

90 (a) pri sɤvètɤt onì se sɤbràli u sɤvètɤt
up by the council. They were gathered up at the council, and we –

91 (a) a mì sèdmi òsmi sèdmi òsmi sèdmi òsmi òkamo
we chanted “Seventh, eighth! Seventh, eighth! Seventh, eighth!”

92 (a) zbòrɤt da si pràimo da se ne odlàga
We wanted to put on our celebration, and not to abandon it, and [to do it]

99 (a) mì sèdmi òsmi sèdmi òsmi svèki òka no pa àjde
So everybody's shouting “Seventh, eighth! Seventh, eighth!” And then

100 (a) edɤ̀n i dzvònutu dṛ̀nnu čèkaj dzvònutu da l'òskamo
someone [came] and rang the church bells. So we thought, let's us ring the bells [too]

101 (a) da pìtamo gi štò su došlì tìja onì izlèzoše ot tàm
and ask these people why they have come. So they came out of there,

102 (a) ot ə sɤvètɤt mì po n'ì po n'ì po n'ì
out of the village council, and we went [swarming] after them

103 (a) kòj sɤs dṛ̀vo kòj ovàk kìma kòj [laughter] da gi bìe
some with pieces of wood, some brandishing [them] like this, to beat them up

104 (a) če sàkamo si zbòr ne ne ne sàkamo da si napùštimo zbòrɤt
because we wanted our celebration, we didn't want to give up our celebration.

105 (a) onì se sàl obràču sàl se obràču ot tàm odovàm
They just turned [away], they just turned this way and that,

106 (a) i i si otòše i ne dàdoše da pràimo zbòr
and went off without giving us permission to have our celebration.

117 (a) ama mlògo imà stàčka golemà
But there was a great deal of protest.

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