stone holes

Repljana 4

1 (a) ama dùpkete kvò se zovèšeu u glàmu
How did they call the holes in the stony hill?

2 (a) jà za dùpkete se ne mòk sètim jovàn znàe
I can’t recall [anything] about the holes. But Ivan knows.

3 (b) stanìšina dùpka
[One of them is called] Stanishin hole.

4 (a) ama jà nè.znam ednà stanìšina ednà a u
Well, I don’t know. One [might be] Stanishin hole, another –

5 (a) ednà odovàm ednà ottàm mèča dùpka nèkakvo ìmaše iz ovàm
There’s one here, another there, and there was some sort of Bear’s hole here.

6 (c) ovàj golèmata dùpka kvò se zovèše što od ovùj strànu
How did they call this big hole, the one on this side?

7 (b) e pa stanìšina dùpka tàj ne è li
Well, isn’t that the one that’s Stanishin hole?

8 (a) e tàj
Yes, that one.

9 (b) tè tàm tè tùj sɤ̀k u tàm
Ah there – that one there!

24 (b) màle mìto gòre tàm tàm tàm tàm u nàštu glàmu tòj
Ah, Mita – Up there. There – there, the one in our stony hill.

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