city dwellers

Golica 3

31 (a) t'às hòra ud n'ib'ètu sl'ɛ̀zli
These people seem to have fallen out of the sky!

32 (a) ni znàjet n'èto vərhɑ̀ni n'èto žètva n'èto hùrka
They don’t know about threshing, nor about reaping, nor about distaffs.

33 (c) znàet znàet
They know, they know.

34 (a) èj go pìta tùj
Look at this guy, asking [all] these [questions]!

35 (c) znàet tìe sìčko znàet
They know, they know. They know everything.

Malevo/Xsk 2

29 (c) t’à nə usemdesè i dv’è gudìni òšte rəbòti ràbuti
She’s eighty-two, and she still does [serious] work …

31 (c) d’ètu sìgurnu v grədɤ̀ nə usemdesè i dv’è
… whereas city people at the age of eighty-two surely …

33 (c) si stujɤ̀t i i si četɤ̀t
… just sit around and read.

96 (c) əmə na s’èlu du kɤ̀sno rəbòt’ət hòrətə dè
But in the village people keep on working till very late [in life].

97 (c) du kɤ̀snə vɤ̀zrəs tvà e
They work to a very old age indeed.

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