courtship at work bees

Dolno Draglište 1

32 (a) ergène dòjda: izgàsa: ni pə i làmbətə [laughter]
And the bachelors come and even put out the lights by us! [laughter].

33 (a) i təvà sme rəbutìli tàm pu sedènč'i̥te [laughter]
And that’s what we did at the work bees [laughter].

34 (a) kòj koj si ìmə mumà də si zəlàže sèdne si kud mumàtə
And whichever [one] has a girl[friend] to amuse, he sits by the girl

35 (a) dùma: si [laughter] sètne pə si begùvame
and they talk to one another [laughter] And then we leave.


99 (a) i màmini pridɤ̀t tàm bùl’ini kòtu e i duvàət’ jergènti
And all the girls and their friends come to spin, and the bachelors come

100 (a) i tàm sme sɤ zglèduvəli nə sid’ànkə̥tə̥
and that’s where we did our courting, at the work bee.

101 (GK) kvò znàči tuvà də sə zglèduvate
What does that mean, you “do your courting”?

102 (a) he əmi tàm sə ər’èsvəmi də sə žènim d’è
Well, that’s where we decided who we liked, who we’d marry!

112 (GK) ami če na tɤ̀mnoto mòžexte li da se vìite ə se ərèsate
But in the dark, could you see one another [well enough] to take a liking to each other?

115 (a) [laughter] kuè ə sə vid’èli kuè sə ne vid’èli [laughter]
[laughter] Some you saw, some you didn’t! [laughter]

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