decorated breads

Nasalevci 2

104 (GK) a odgòre na lèbɤ kakvò pràexte na lèbɤ
But on the tops of the bread: what did you do on the bread,

105 (GK) na na kolačɤ̀ na kolàčɤ
[and] on – on the buns, on the buns.

106 (a) na kolàčɤ tùramo takà rečèmo pa tṛlù
On the bun, we put – I guess you call it – “tŭrlu” (sheep-pen [object form]).

107 (BR) turlù

108 (a) tṛlà
“Tŭrla” (sheep-pen [subject form]).

113 (a) òvce za òvce
Sheep. For sheep.

115 (a) à ta natùramo takà po ednò takòva ot testòto
And we put one of these on each bun, it’s made out of dough.

117 (a) jàgništa

118 (GK) tòpče
A little ball [of dough].

119 (a) tòpčeta tòpčeta dà àjde kràvu ka onòdemo nalì muzè tavà vìmeto
Little balls, little balls, Yes. So the cow when we, you know, milk that – the udder.

120 (GK) kɤdè
Where –

121 (a) e pa na kolačètata natùramo takà i ga
Well, on the buns! We put [them] on there and –

124 (GK) tovà vìmeto
This [one] is the udder

126 (GK) na kràvutu
A cow’s.

127 (a) dà na kràvutu
Yes, a cow’s.

128 (GK) a tovà jàgništa
And these are lambs.

129 (a) dà è takà
Yes. Right, like this.

130 (GK) əmhəm tovà odgòre ozgòre na lèbɤt
Um hm. So this [goes] on top, on top of the bread.

131 (a) na lèbɤt i kojà e mesìl’a e mesìl’a sa onà mèsi samò
On the bread. And whichever woman is the head kneader, only she kneads

132 (a) a drugìte pa naòkolo i sìčko na krùgɤt krùg
[these breads], and the others all stand around. It all goes on the [one] breadboard.

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