engagement rituals

Skrŭt 2

1 (GK) ami da rečèm da mi da mi kaeš inò vrème svàdbi godèži
Can you tell me, for instance, in the old days – weddings, engagements,

2 (GK) tovà glàveži svàdbi kàk stanùvaxa
and such – how did engagements and weddings happen?

7 (b) sàmo k’i i gòdat gudìna li dvè li òdat gòdeni
They’ll just betroth them, and then they go around as an engaged [couple] for a year or two.

21 (b) mi sròjnici de sròjnici na tava se vìka sròjnici
Well, they do say “sroynitsi” for that, “sroynitsi".

22 (b) k’ ìat k’i brɤ̀kat pèpelo
[Those are the ones] that will go and mix the ashes.

24 (b) tàm k’i si znàat k’i sa sròjnici
So that people there will know that these are “sroynitsi”,

25 (b) s mašàta brɤ̀kat vof glamnìte
they poke around in the burnt logs with tongs.

26 (GK) kòj kòj bɤ̀rka pèpelo
Who? Who mixes up the ashes?

27 (b) mi tòa štò e ošèl da pròsi momàta
Well, the one who went to ask for the girl.

28 (GK) axà i po tovà se razbìra če
Aha, and that’s how they know that –

29 (b) če e prosèc ošèl tàm
That a seeker has gone there.

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