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Token ID Meaning Case Number Gender Definiteness Person Verb Form Aspect Particle Clitic Deictic Other Pragmatic Lexeme
əмhəм 54317 disc
əә̀ 36315 bkch .
ɛ 30796 disc е
ɛ 29384 3sg pres cop clt съм
ɛ 60668 acc f 3sg clt тя
ɛdnàš 29354 adv еднаж
ɛè 60359 Ah
ɛhɛ̀ 41628 disc аха
ɛjcà 53786 egg pl n яйце
ɛ̀ 61185 hes .
ɛ̀ 62977 ost ей
ɛ̀ 55626 disc е
ɛ̀bi 36230 felt pl f аба
ɛ̀ce 32131 much adv яце
ɛ̀ce 33436 very adv яце
ɛ̀dar 63087 sturdy sg m adj едър
ɛ̀m 68520 [...]
ɛ̀to 62209 ost ето
ɛ̀ɛ 35464 [...] е
ɨ 25038 and и
ɨkət 73373 call 3pl pres I викам
ɨstəkɤ̀t 70695 weave 3pl pres P изтъка
ɨž’è̝n’ilə 65118 marry sg f L.part P оженя
ɨ̀ 73571 and и
ɨ̀dim 73859 see 1pl pres P видя
ɨ̀kə 68657 call 3sg pres I викам
ɨ̀kəm 73942 call 1sg pres викам
ɨ̀kəm 69854 call 1sg pres I викам
ɨ̀no 31541 wine sg n вино
ɨ̀stɨ̥nɤ 31596 truth sg f истина
ɑs 26010 nom 1sg аз
ɑ̀s 11701 nom 1sg аз
ɑ̀z 11722 nom 1sg аз
ɤ 26372 hes .
ɤ 41108 bkch
ɤ 54732 3sg pres cop clt съм
ɤ 35025 disc а
ɤ: 20052 disc а
ɤ: 19806 disc
ɤdnì 38454 one pl adj един


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