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Oborište 1

3 (MM) n nèmaše fùrni nalì tùk
There weren’t [large outdoor] ovens, were there?

4 (a) mi nèma ìmaxme si domà fùrni
Well, no. We had ovens at home.

6 (a) domà domà si ìmaše fùrn’a no lòveše
At home. There was an oven at home, and it would take –

7 (a) po sèdem m òsem l’àba i opečèm si napàlim a
we [can] bake seven or eight loaves of bread at a time. We light it,

8 (a) sɤz dɤ̀rva i si a izmetèm natùr’ame si l’aba tamᵊ
a wood fire, and sweep it out, then put the bread into it

9 (a) vɤf nèa s lopàti opečè se izvàdim l’àba jadèm i tugà
in it with oven peels. It bakes, we take out the bread, eat [it], and then –

16 (a) sè po edìn l’àpᵊ i go zanesèm ta go tùrnem
one by one on a board, and we take it and toss it

17 (a) vɤf fùrnata i takà
into the oven, and there it is.

20 (MM) e kàk poznàvaš kogà tr’àbva da go tùriš vɤf fùrnata
And how do you know when it’s time to put it into the oven?

21 (a) è mi poznàva sa tòj si ftàsa šùpne takà i
Oh, well, you know! It ferments, gets bubbles in it, like this. And

22 (a) kato vozidè i às si go tùrna vɤf fùrn’ata i takà
when it’s risen, I toss it into the oven and that’s that.

25 (b) vɤf noštvìte stojàl
It’s been sitting in the kneading trough.

36 (a) mi t’à mòže i vɤf fùrn’ata ama kato segà f pèčkite
Well, you can also bake it in the outdoor oven, but [usually], like now, in [indoor] ovens.

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